Across the country, millions of people have been left behind by the dramatic changes of the last thirty-five years.

Now, more than ever, we need a community union like UK NEIGHBOURS to raise up our voices. For too many years, too many people have felt ignored.

That's why we are running a "listening campaign" across Britain.

We believe that power comes from human stories heard aloud. So we invite you to join our national listening exercise. Help us to change the narrative of this nation. Now and forever.


By uncovering issues of common concern in our neighbourhoods, we can try to devise constructive solutions and organise to take action on these issues for the common good of us all. 

TEstify! bring power home!

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Neighbours nationwide listening campaign
Neighbours nationwide listening campaign
We'd like to know how it feels to live in the place you call home. First of all, we'd like to ask you how you feel about your community?
I would like to see some changes in my neighbourhood
I think we have problems in our community
Do you belong to any local clubs, groups, faith community, or other local organisation? *
I'm willing to take action to get change for our neighbourhoods
Please tell us your story. What is that makes you want to do something to make your community better? Not something that you read about in the paper, but something that you've experienced, or that your parents taught you, something that shapes the way you think and act today. Remember: Stories equal power.